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2016 Fall Registration is officially closed and we look forward to seeing you again in May of 2017!!

Thank you to all of our coaches, assistant coaches, parent helpers, parents, grandparents, siblings and community members who made this another great season.  Fall Soccer for 2016 was our biggest year yet with over 800 boys and girls playing soccer and it could not have happened without a great community and team effort.  We know there were challenges and struggles with several of the changes we took on this year but we know that we have grown and learned and every year we strive to improve and we look forward our next season. 

A few housekeeping items:

* Coaches- if you have not done so yet, please make sure you have returned your equipment bags as soon as possible to the Heritage Locker.  We will be getting everything out of the locker in the next few weeks and put into storage.  We must have the bags returned so we can accurately review and plan for what we need to purchase and replace for next year. 

* Parents and Coaches - If you are still in need of your photos please contact your coaches, coaches please make sure you picked them up from the storage locker and that all packets were handed out.  If you have any  questions about your photos please contact the photographers directly, their contact information was included on multiple emails or email us at and we will help get you in touch. 

*Parents and local adults -  If you or anyone you know is interested in a local adult, co ed outdoor league please let us know and we can put you in touch.  We have a small group that has started weekend pick up games at Cederhome Elementary and are hoping to grow this into a year round, local adult league.  


Referee's Needed!!!!

In the months to come keep an eye out for some local opportunities to become a paid Referee.  This is open to anyone ages 12 and older, is an chance to earn some cash both locally and in the surrounding areas, become more familiar with the full rules, penalties and guidelines and get a workout while getting paid.  We are hoping to have a series of these session in Stanwood so you will not have to travel far so we will keep you posted.







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