FAQ - General


I've registered... now what?
Near the end of July, coaches will be notified of their rosters and will be asked to contact their players regarding practice time and location. U9 and above teams will be notified first and U8 and below will follow. There is a possibility that the coaches may not contact players until the the 1st or 2nd week of August.
When and where will practices be?
Practice schedule and location will be set by the coach. We make every effort to form teams based on geographical location. This will hopefully help with carpool situations as well as making the chance that practices will be held closer to home more likely.
What is the process by which teams will be formed?
Players will beassigned to teams on a space available basis using the following order.  It is the intention of the club to keep returning teams and coaches together where ever possible.  While not all special requests will be accommodate, the club will do our best to attempt to do so.  Given that SCYSC promotes recreational soccer, we will NOT allow teams to be hand selected however we do understand that there are circumstances including childcare and transportation which require consideration.

For returning teams (U6 and older)

  1. Returning Players who participated in the previous season will be placed on the same team. Unless a special request by the player is received to not be placed on the team.
  2. Special Request - Team Reassignment, players requesting to be reassigned will be added to a new team as space permits.  Requests for a specific team will be handled on a case by case basis.  Unfortunately, we may not be able to accommodate all special requests.
  3. Newly Registered Players will be placed on teams per the age chart as space permits.
  4. Special Request - Play Up, players requesting to play up, who have submitted the proper paperwork, postmarked before July 1st, may be placed on a team as space permits.
  5. Late Registrations, players registered after July 15th will be placed only as team rosters permit and are not guaranteed participation. Late registrations are also subject to an additional $25.00 late fee. Players already placed in the categories above will not be moved to accommodate the late registration.

Please Note that as the teams progress through the age divisions, the number of players allowed on the roster increases.  As needed, teams may be combined, and potentially reshuffled to allow for the most number of players to participate.

For new teams (U5), teams will be formed based upon the number of coaches.  We will attempt to keep teams organized according to home address and school attendance.  Late registrations will also be placed on teams as space permits.