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Location: Port Susan Middle School
Results will be out no later than 48 hours after the second tryout date
  • May 13th: Boys and Girls U9 and U10 (born 2016, 2015) at 5 – 630pm
  • May 13th: Boys and Girls U11 and U12 (born 2014, 2013) at 630 – 8pm
  • May 15th: Boys and Girls U9 and U10 (born 2016, 2015) at 5 – 630pm
  • May 15th: Boys and Girls U11 and U12 (born 2014, 2013) at 630 – 8pm
  • May 20th: Boy and Girls U13 U14 U15 (born 2012, 2011, 2010) at 5 – 630pm
  • May 20th: Boys and Girls U16 U17 U18 (born 2009, 2008, 2007) at 630 – 8pm
  • May 22: Boys and Girls U13 U14 U15 (born 2012, 2011, 2010) at 5 – 630pm
  • May 22: Boys and Girls U16 U17 U18 U19 (born 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006) at 630 – 8pm

Online Registration: Please click the link below to register for tryouts

Walk up registration will be available on event days. Registration is FREE


Please NO Club Uniforms

Any questions in regards to registration, please contact Michele Steiner at:



This year Stanwood Camano Youth Soccer Club has added a select division called Spartan FC.

Select soccer is a level of competition between that of Recreational and Premier play. Select soccer typically appeals to the player seeking a higher level of play than Rec soccer provides. We are strictly a volunteer club which helps us keep select soccer more affordable. All our coaches will be required to have certifications by US Soccer and we encourage and require coaches to pursue advanced coaching education and licensing.


Our focus is player development, quality coaching, competition, and love of the game


Spartan FC is a partner and subsidiary of Stanwood Camano Youth Soccer Club. We believe in player centered development. In training and games, we want our players to develop mental awareness to move the ball independently and effectively, instead of consistent sideline coaching. Players will develop the ability to contribute to their team in multiple positions and rely on their technical ability to gain an advantage on the pitch. They will learn to play a possession style game while under pressure from their opponent, as opposed to uncoordinated, random plays.

Spartan FC does not measure success solely in wins and losses, but in how our players develop on and off the pitch. Long term success starts by building a solid foundation at the younger ages. Spartan FC will strive to place highly qualified coaches to train and develop our younger teams to ensure those players receive the technical foundation needed to be successful as they progress.

Players with Spartan FC will learn to push themselves to the edge of their abilities, allowing opportunities for growth and development. Players will train to be comfortable in challenging scenarios, enabling them to persevere with confidence and stay competitive as they develop team building skills.

Spartan FC can be large enough to offer competitive opportunities of players of all ages yet remain small enough to understand the needs of each player,