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FAQ Spartan FC

Spartan FC is approximately $900 per year. This includes registration for fall & spring seasons, uniforms costs, and 2 summer tournaments.

  • Spartan FC Select offers a higher level of competition than Rec League soccer. Select soccer is a tier above Rec and a tier below than Premier. However, top level teams are often competitive with Premier teams.
  • Spartan FC plays 8-10 months out of the year and approximately 25-35 matches. Practices are typically twice a week for 1-1/2 hours per practice. Rec League only plays for 2-3 months. 
  • Select teams offer licensed, skilled, and experienced volunteer coaches.
  • Teams typically play 1-3 tournaments in summer, a 12 game fall league (except high school girls who play November-February), and the WYS Founders Cup in the winter and early spring. There is also opportunity for a 6 game spring league that some teams may choose to play in.

  • Our teams play in the North Puget Sound League (NPSL). Teams are placed in divisions, based on their level of play, with like opponents. Our desire is that every team will have a season that is challenging and FUN! 

Yes! However, from August until the State Cup in January-February, it is expected that soccer will be a players priority.

High school age girls season is November-February and State Cup thereafter.

Teams are formed through a selection process that involves a player participating in two tryout sessions. These sessions are designed and ran by the head coach with the aid of 2-3 assistant coaches for evaluation.

A minimum of 11 players must be selected during tryouts and players must be present for at least one formal tryout session to be selected for a team. The exception is injured or sick players who may have the opportunity to tryout at informal sessions at the discretion of the head coach.

 Tryouts occur in May for all ages with the exception of Boys U16 and older which occur in February. Each team has two tryout sessions that should last 1-1/2 to 2 hours. 

Tryout sessions are designed by the head coach of each team and typically involve various exercises that include small-sided games and scrimmages.

Evaluators score, rank, and choose the first 11 players. 

Per Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) Rules of Competition
Under 1077121212
Under 1199141414
Under 1299141414
Under 131111181816
Under 141111181816
Under 151111221818
Under 161111221818
Under 171111221818
Under 181111221818
Under 191111221818

Yes!!! While most of our players will live in the area, tryouts are open to all age appropriate players registered.

Yes! For younger age groups (U10-U14) players are only allowed to play up ONE age group.

In order to “play up” a player must be ranked in the top 11 by the evaluators.

There are NO “play up” restrictions for high school age teams (U15-U18).

No. Some players will play more that others. However, all players will be given fair playing time. For ages U10-U12, players should receive at least 50% playing time during league play unless there are discipline or attendance issues.

If your player is new to select soccer and you are uncertain of their interest and/or talent level prior to attending tryouts, it is suggested that you also register for SCYSC Fall Recreational Soccer. 

If your player makes it onto a Spartan FC Select team, the club will transfer and credit your Rec registration fees towards your Spartan FC Select registration.

Head coaches are chosen through an interview process conducted by the Director of Coaching.

Assistant coaches are chosen by the head coach.

We place a high emphasis on coaching education. To be considered for a head coaching position, coaches of younger teams are required to attend Grassroots courses provided by Washington Youth Soccer (WYS), or show equivalent knowledge and take the course within their first year.

Coaches are encouraged to complete their USSF D license at the U15+ level.

Our teams will typically practice in the Stanwood-Camano area.

Depending on field availability, we will play and practice on both grass and turf fields.

May – Tryouts.

June – Practice twice a week.

 July – Practice once or twice a week, enter a tournament.

August – Practice twice a week, enter a tournament or two, make final preparations for the fall season.

September-Mid December – Practice twice a week, play 12 – 14 league games.

January-February – Practice twice a week, enter State Cup (Founder’s or Presidents Cup).